We provide Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) and Professional Engineering (PE) services 

Environmental Due Diligence – Property Transactions

If you are contemplating the purchase, refinance, or lease of a commercial property, we can assess that property for potential environmental liabilities. We will provide you the relevant environmental information to help you make a sound business decision.

Environmental Investigation

We will conduct a subsurface investigation of your property to assess for the presence of environmental contamination, or to investigate and delineate the extent of soil and groundwater contamination.

LSRP Document Preparation

We will prepare your correspondence and documentation for submittal to the State regulatory agency to meet your site's regulatory and mandatory deadlines pertaining to environmental contamination. Submittals include Reports, Workplans, Response Action Outcomes (RAO), and Remedial Action Permit applications.

Environmental Site Remediation

We will evaluate practical remedial alternatives and design a remedy for environmental contamination at your site. Your goals for the use of the site after site will be incorporated into the remediation solution.

Construction Management

Have you encountered contamination during construction? Will you be excavating soil on or adjacent to a contaminated site? We will assist you with planning or managing contaminated soil and groundwater during construction to ensure that you continue to meet the environmental obligations for your project.

Storage Tank Management

We are certified in New Jersey for Underground Storage Tank (UST) closure and subsurface evaluation. We can conduct the closure of Unregulated Heating Oil Tanks (UHOT) in addition to assisting with compliance issues for Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST).

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